The Ultimate Video Promotion Checklist

Emma Gallimore 09.03.2019

You’ve created a marketing video that perfectly conveys your message. It feels authentic to your brand, includes essential branding elements, and features a call to action that will move viewers to take the next step. That means your work is done, right?

Not so fast. No matter how close to perfect your video is, it needs to be seen to be truly effective. You can’t guarantee that it will become a viral video, but you can get it in front of as many eyes as possible.

To achieve that goal, you need to promote it across all channels. The opportunities for sharing your video are extensive, so it’s easy to miss a step. This video promotion checklist will help you verify that you thoroughly promoted your video. Use it for every video you make, to simplify the promotion process every time.

Video Promotion Checklist: Preparation

Before you start sharing your video all over the internet, you’ll want to make sure you have all of the tools you need to promote it properly. The next five sections will help you gather your materials to make the biggest impact with your video. 

Choose A Thumbnail

Select a thumbnail image that’s interesting enough to invite people to click and watch your whole video. You might even choose a couple of thumbnails to attract different audiences on different platforms. Think of your thumbnail as a book cover. Will it make people curious enough to want to engage with this piece of content? 

If your thumbnail is going to act as an image link (in an email, for example) you may want to do some quick photo editing to overlay a play button on your thumbnail image. This will invite people to click through to your video. 

Create A GIF

This is the only optional element on the video promotion checklist. You don’t absolutely need a GIF to promote your video, but it can be an eye-catching tool. In email and on some social platforms, you can use a GIF in place of a thumbnail to draw attention to your video without autoplaying. Choose as section of the video that will work well as a loop and will also give the viewer some idea of what the video is about. 

Identify Keywords

What keywords or hashtags describe your video? Having a ready-made list of these words will increase your visibility across different marketing platforms. Consider words that describe the video or the audience for whom the video is intended. Different keywords may work best on different platforms, but for now, just put together a list of words or phrases that might be useful. 

Write A Description

Craft a short description that is keyword rich and also gives some indication of what the video is about. For meta descriptions, stick to between 50 and 160 words. If you’re using the text to accompany your video on social or on your blog, you can expand it a little. For some social platforms, your keywords may become hashtags. Adjust your hashtags to better reflect what’s trending and relevant on each platform. 

Choose Metrics

Decide which metrics are most important to you in measuring the success of your video. You might think that views is the most important metric, but that’s not always the case. Think about what you’re really trying to accomplish with this video. Might click-through rate be a better gauge of success? Or event conversions? For a more in-depth look at video marketing metrics read This Post. 

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Video Promotion Checklist: Sharing

With all of the essential materials ready to go, you can start sharing your video across different online marketing platforms. The next five items on our video promotion checklist help you get your video in front of as many viewers as possible.

Share On Social Media

Share your video across all of your social media channels. This might include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or whatever other channels you use to communicate with your audience. Make sure your video is optimized for each channel using the correct technical specifications. Your descriptions, keywords, and hashtags should also be selected with the specific audience of that social channel in mind. 

Create A Blog Post

Blog posts promoting your video can take several forms. The simplest option is to embed the video and include a short description. You could also post the video with a full transcription for those who prefer to read. Finally, you might write a post that expands on, or explores ideas related to, your video and then refers back to it. 

Write An Email

If you have an email list, you don’t have to rely on to your blog and social media alone to promote your video. Share your video with people who actively follow you through email. Use your description and thumbnail or GIF to make the video attractive to your list subscribers. 

Send To Influencers

Think about the people in your industry who might be interested enough in this video to like and potentially share it with their own followers. This doesn’t have to be a formal influencer arrangement. It can be as simple as sending the person a message with the video included or tagging them on social media. 

A word of caution: Don’t overuse this option. Make sure the person you tag really would get value from the video. They need to be interested enough to want to pass it on. If it doesn’t feel relevant to them, they’ll ignore you, or worse, ignore future messages from you because you’ll gain a reputation as a spammer. 

Share With Your Team

Make sure everyone on your marketing and sales teams has access to a sharable version of the video. They should be able to easily send it to a potential client or post it to their own social media accounts to help spread the word. You might even want to give the sales team talking points. For example: 

  • The video answers the following questions… 
  • This video is aimed at customers interested in these topics….
  • The video overcomes the following objections…

 By giving your sales team access to your video library, you help them make sales and you get the most out of your video. 

Use this video promotion checklist for each video you create to be sure that your videos are seen by your target audience. You can even customize this list to cover the specific social media platforms and other marketing channels you use. Download a simplified version of the Ultimate Video Promotion Checklist here.

Emma Gallimore

Emma Rose Gallimore is a content marketing expert, SEO extraordinaire, and research addict who believes life is better when it’s animated.

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