12 Ways To Repurpose Video Content For More Exposure

Amy Onorato 02.20.2018

How do you make the most out of your business video?

Many organizations turn to multiple channels of distribution as a way to maximize exposure. It’s effective for companies that may not have the resources to constantly generate new media, and it can also help increase the lifespan of valuable material.

Video is one of the easiest types of content to distribute because it uses both spoken and visual elements that can be re-purposed in different ways across a variety of mediums.

Here are 12 different ways to leverage your video for different channels: 

1. Break Up Your Video Into Smaller, More Focused Sections

Breaking your video up into different sections will transform your longer video into a set of smaller, more focused videos that can speak specifically to one core topic. You can also use these videos as standalone pieces on your website, or promote them internally through email, on your blog, or through social media.

2. Engage Through Email

Placing video in email can be a great way to provide fresh content. Include snippets of video within your email campaigns to provide specific tips, showcase a certain product, or advertise an event. You can also use video in interview follow-ups to showcase company culture. Once you’ve captured your viewer’s attention through email, use this opportunity to draw them to your website where they can learn more.

3. Create A Social Media Campaign

According to Social Media Today, online video will account for 80 percent of all internet traffic by 2020. The beauty of social media campaign is that it allows organizations to experiment with different messaging to promote the same material over and over again across multiple channels. Breaking up your main video into smaller sections will give you more content to promote to target audiences, or drive organic traffic to posts on your company page. You can also use the entire collection of videos to create a series or playlist on your YouTube or Vimeo channel.

4. Help Motivate Your Employees

Videos created for “About Us” pages are typically designed to showcase company culture, or shine a light on members of your executive team. They can also be used to increase employee engagement, or as part of your recruiting efforts. Using video internally can also help boost employee engagement by making mundane topics (like human resources compliance or training) more digestible.

5. Use Your Video In A Webinar

Webinars are a great way for organizations to help educate and engage with viewers. If your video helps explain difficult concepts, consider including snippets of your video within your webinar presentation. This will create more dynamic visual aid that goes beyond traditional slides.

6. Re-purpose Images

If your animated business video contains graphs, charts or other relevant stats, you can re-purpose those illustrations into infographics, promotional material, or for use on your website. This guarantees brand cohesion across your entire suite of content.

7. Take It On The Go

Your business video doesn’t only have to live online — it can go wherever your employees go. Traveling to a trade show? Consider playing your explainer video on a loop at your booth to help entice passerbys and get them excited about your product.

Members of your sales team can also have the video on a laptop or tablet to show when they travel to meetings. A strong explainer video can provide an overview of your product, and make it easier for your sales team to get right to tackling the more difficult follow-up questions or concerns.

8. Transcribe Your Video

When you transcribe your video, you can create more interactive experiences on-site by linking out to product pages or other content that provides more in-depth information. This will help increase time-on-site and help make it easier for people to get the information they need.

If your video doesn’t include narration, you can still provide a written walk-through of your visual content by breaking down key topics in a blog post.

9. Use Your Transcript To Caption Your Videos

Providing captions on your videos can help make it more accessible to viewers who choose to watch your video without sound. Creating a transcript first can help make captioning your video easier. Many platforms, will also allow you to upload your transcript. You may also want to consider translating your transcript into different languages to broaden your reach for international audiences.

10. Create A Blog Post Series

Unlike a straight transcription, creating a blog post (or a series of blog posts) can give a more in-depth take on different topics covered in your video. Like a transcript, you can also use blogs as an opportunity to move viewers deeper into your funnel with call-to-actions that prompt direct communication. Other benefits include:

  • More focused SEO surrounding different targeted topic keywords
  • More content for your website, which also helps with SEO
  • Better crosslink opportunities to other areas of your website
  • Increased avenues for content distribution

11. Use Video On Landing Pages And ‘About Us’ Pages

Incorporating video on your landing pages can be a great way to engage audiences in a more dynamic way. The best landing page videos tell a clear story, provide value to the viewer, and include a clear CTA. They can also be used to promote your company culture, raise brand awareness, or shed light on specific campaigns.

This works especially well for:

  • “About Us” pages that profile different members of your team
  • Customer testimonials or case studies on a specific campaign or project
  • Educational tips that help users better understand how your product works

12. Place On Product Pages

Your individual product pages are the meat and potatoes of your website. Visitors who land on a certain product page are searching for more specific information, which signals that they may be closer to making a purchasing decision. This is where breaking up your explainer video into smaller sections comes especially in handy. Tailored video clips can be a great way to give viewers the specific information they’re looking for in a way that’s more visual and easy to understand.

Make The Most Out Of Your Content

A great business video can go a long way. Repurposing can help your organization make the most out of your content with assets you can promote across a variety of mediums.



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