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Ask An Expert: Top Video Marketing Trends To Watch In 2020

Video marketing isn’t going anywhere. From TikTok’s meteoric rise, to improvements in ad targeting, video hosting platforms, and content creation tools, 2019 was nothing short of advantageous for marketers looking to reach more customers and maximize their ROI with video. 

So, what does 2020 have in store? We asked a collection of experts, ranging from sales and marketing leaders, to content creators and video production specialists to weigh in with their unique perspectives on what they’re looking forward to most for the future of video marketing. Here are our favorites, and if you have a prediction of your own to share, don’t hesitate to reach out here

Video Captioning Gets A Boost With AI 

“I predict that you will see a big rise in companies producing more videos for social, due to the introduction and implementation of Google’s AI-assisted live caption feature. This allows your smartphone to automatically caption any audio being played in your apps. This lets you read along with media playing on sources like YouTube, Twitter, and more. Companies already ahead of the game show videos with subtitles, this new feature will allow others to catch up.”

– Sean Clancy, Director, Edge Marketing 

TikTok Really Takes Off 

“TikTok is going to create a huge shift in social media,and brands that get on board will capture an audience they have currently been ‘writing off’ as just kids playing around. In turn, they will recognize that specific demographic not only has access to financial resources, but will grow up to be loyal to a brand that spoke to them in their voice and in their space.  

The brands that ‘get it’ will create some absolutely amazing content that will run more like movie shorts than ads.There will be a few people and/or brands that will be determined to set the bar high and that will inspire people on the platform to create amazing and outrageous content. The bar that is set today will be nothing like the expectations it will have for tomorrow. The micro content space will be a pivotal place for brands to get noticed… or get lost.”

– Vicki Fitch, Direct Sales Expert 

Video Marketing Strategy Gets More Sophisticated 

“Businesses will realize that they need an ongoing flow of different kinds of video to support all the various marketing and sales support objectives they have. This means that companies will start doing video multiple times a year for a variety of business objectives and with a variety of deliverables. Also, companies will realize that it is not an in-house vs. out-of-house discussion, but rather a mixture of both that keeps the constant flow of video content going.” 

– Robert Weiss, VP of Sales & Marketing, Multivision Digital

Stop-Motion Soars On Social 

“Social media is saturated with content. To get users to stop scrolling and pay attention, brands need something snack-able, fun and engaging. Stop motion animation is the video content that lies in wait in your feed, daring you to try to scroll past it – but you can’t. In fact, you’re likely to watch on repeat, if for no other reason than to try to see how it’s done. It’s captivating, not to mention fun. 

I anticipate that this trend will continue to grow, due to its increased virality, endless storytelling capability, flexible production cost, and ability to capture the interest of an audience.”

– Kyle Ford, Creative Director, Ford Media Lab 

Business Video Takes A Serialized Approach 

“Content divided into many different episodes has always been proven to keep your audience hooked and coming back for more. This is obvious in the case of television but works just as well with streaming series and story-based or instructional video series online. This method not only grows subscriber bases, but dramatically increases customer retention.”

– Rio Rocket, Digital Marketing Strategist 

Brands Embrace Transparency 

“I see there being a trend towards a consumer base wanting more transparency behind the companies they support.  Wise business marketers in 2020 will emphasize telling the story of why they’re passionate about their business, what makes them different, and what impact on the world they aim to leave.”

– AJ Fountain, Co-founder, Stoked Ember Productions 

Testimonial Reviews Keep Brands Authentic 

“With the rise of all the false written reviews, video testimonials are the next logical iteration. Consumers crave real and authentic. Nothing beats having another human talking about how your product or your service made their life better.”

– Doug Dibert, Founder, Magnfi

SEO For Video Gets A ‘Voice’ 

“It’s predicted that by 2020, over half of all searches will take place with a voice-activated speaker or smartphone. Consumers are frequently using this feature to look for video tutorials, information, and product availability. 

If your goal is to improve your video marketing strategy, start thinking about how consumers speak instead of typing. For instance, if someone was looking for a plumber, they might type ‘Plumbers near me,’ where someone speaking might say, ‘Help with my hot water heater.’ This seemingly insignificant change in language can make a difference when it comes to how many people see and view your content.”

– Frank Spear, Content Marketer, RafflePress

Increased Google Ads Capture Gen Z Audiences 

“Google Ads video campaigns will continue to increase to account for Gen Z, which will make up almost half of all consumers by 2020. As we know, this generation loves visual content, creating the perfect ground for video marketing to flourish in 2020. 

Video ads can be short and to the point and can be inserted in most social media platforms and search engines, including Youtube. Targeted and informative video advertising that is properly SEO’d will rule in 2020, especially when combined with social media.”

– Raj Vardhman, Co-Founder, 

Video Formats Become More Interactive 

“One of the biggest video marketing trends to watch and get on board with for 2020 and beyond is interactivity. Netflix, market leader of the subscription video streaming niche, has already begun to action this and trial different interactive shows. Think the type of ‘choose your adventure’ or ‘vote for an ending’ styles of developments that have caught fire on social media when done correctly by brands and YouTube channels, and go from there.”

– Polly Kay, Senior Marketing Manager, English Blinds

Video Remains Short And Accessible 

“When it comes to marketing your videos, personalization will be key in 2020. Create content exclusively for platforms, instead of just uploading the same video across the board. Short-form video will also be the preferred choice of video consumption, especially in places where internet data costs are an issue. If you plan to target people who watch videos on low-end smartphones with low data plans, then give them the option to video your videos in 360p and lower.”

– Jack Paxton, Co-Founder, VYPER 

Video Storytelling Reigns 

“In 2020 I see an expansion of story-based video marketing. I see a progression with brands and marketers in using video to tell their story in a way that matches the platform, such as longer videos for YouTube and shorter, more serialized videos for Instagram that still tell a bigger story.”

– Joey Daoud, CEO, New Territory Media

Video + Podcasts 

“Video podcasts can connect the audience way more than audio podcasts because people can see the speaker. Companies can use video alongside podcasts to drive traffic on social media channels.”

 – Jessica Chase, Sales & Marketing Manager, Premier Title Loans

Small Business Embraces Social Video

“Look for more small businesses in competitive fields to invest in video production as a way to differentiate their brand. This is especially important for e-Commerce businesses. We all know that content is king, and video engagement rates are significantly higher than text-based advertising engagement rates. I would expect to see more brands leveraging their video assets on YouTube pre-roll paid ads since the CPM there is relatively low.”

– Calloway Cook, President, Illuminate Labs.

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